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*not going on my rant blog bc i can*

Ok i might reblog this on my rant blog but that isn’t the point since this is mainly aimed at a portion of the creepypasta fandom and not at all around rants.

Recently I’ve noticed a lot of “fangirls are so stupid gah” Or “I’m the only non fangirl female in this fandom lolol” Or “This fandom is terrible” Being spread along as usual, and then I looked at my old journals on dA and found a TON Of eletist rants about how I hated creepypasta yaoi and how people can’t draw it because “I HATE IT”. 

I don’t act like that anymore. Also another thing is that people that aren’t in the fandom, but know a bit about it, kinda like creepypasta, etc. say that they didn’t join because the fandom is awful? Eh idk but this fandom isn’t messed up because of fangirls it’s messed up because of eletist members that say “YOU CANT DRAW CREEPYPASTA IN *insert style other than eletist’s style* OR ITS NOT CREEPYPASTA” Or “YOU CANT SHIP *insert one pasta* x *Insert another pasta* OR ITS NOT ART” Or “YOU CANT SHIP YOUR OC WITH A CREEPYPASTA CANON CHARACTER OR ELSE ITS A MARY SUE”

So yeah, maybe we can learn to ignore stuff we don’t like (and maybe block the tags that contain the stuff you don’t like on tumblr savior instead of getting butthurt) And get on with our lives? kthnxbye

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